Unconventional weapons


Diggers fighting in Afghanistan lose frozen sperm fight‘… just what are they doing over there?!

The Herald Sun took a stand for “our Diggers” this week, resulting in some amusing lines. “Our boys are heading off fighting for freedom and their country… You’d think Defence could pay a few dollars to freeze some sperm for them,” said one Digger’s mama in the article above.

The editorial, ‘Don’t Desert the Diggers’, blustered that “the policy is more akin to attitudes in the early 20th century that have survived to trample the technological and medical advances of the 21st century.” If someone can explain to me what that means, I would be grateful.


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One Response to “Unconventional weapons”

  1. KP Says:

    Edited in typical Herald Sun fashion. Do they even think about the headlines they print?

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