Another promising young thinker


Sheesh, people are getting bent out of shape that Ben Naparstek, editor of The Monthly, published Louis Nowra on Germaine Greer.

I haven’t read any of it.

If you want some idea of Naparstek’s intellectual and moral credibility, here he is in the Jerusalem Post‘reviewing’ Norman Finkelstein:

He’s a far left academic with a strong support base among the Holocaust-denying right…

Finkelstein’s tract was initially ignored in the US but was translated into 17 languages and spent nine months on German bestseller lists…

Finkelstein boasts that The New York Times reviewed The Holocaust Industry more savagely than Hitler’s Mein Kampf

Finkelstein makes no pretense about his academic credentials…

But reasoned objectivity is not his aim, for Finkelstein is an angry man and writing is his therapy…

Finkelstein is untroubled about his work being embraced by neo-Nazis….

If Finkelstein was concerned about being a neo-Nazi pin-up, he wouldn’t use Nazi Germany as his most persistent analogy for Israel and the American Jewish lobby…

Finkelstein doesn’t hesitate to quote from Mein Kampf.

If you wanted a reliable new editor for the sort of lightweight, pretentious Australian publication that aspires to ‘relevance’, I’m sure this guy would appear the perfect candidate.


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