Attention T-shaped people!


After an exhaustive product-development sequence, involving focus groups, double-blind testing and the like, the University of Melbourne has unveiled its new course, the Executive Master of Arts, designed for people who want a degree of influence in a world of expanding opportunities.

“Be open-minded enough to understand that the world of work needs the sorts of understandings that the humanities brings… Fortunately, I think we’re post-postmodernism now.”

The full sales experience, complete with tinkly music, can be found here.


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6 Responses to “Attention T-shaped people!”

  1. Dan Says:

    What confuses me is that the vast majority of the “discipline module subjects” listed I recognise from other coursework Master of Arts degrees. This is just the regular Master of Arts with a placement, “Professional Skills Modules”, a corporate name and Youtube ads with tinkly music, right?

    Also loved this line from the generalist Arts postgrad FAQ: “Generally speaking, most graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Arts have an average class size of anywhere between five to 20 students.”


  2. Dan Says:

    My god, have you seen this?

    Someone told MelbOURne Uni (ugh) that social media is the in thing this year.

    Melbourne University on Facebook – become a fan. Why not tell your friends about this feature of Melbourne Uni? On facebook. On twitter. By email. Share a pic of your favourite learning space on facebook. “Do you work with any inspiring people at Melbourne Uni?” Share why you find them so inspiring. “What makes Melbourne University a great place to work?” Discuss on facebook.

    Excuse me while I retch.

  3. Nick Says:

    Wow, that’s quite the find.

    ‘Share a pic of your favourite learning space’ is just asking for trouble. And you can almost hear them straining for that conversational tone: ‘you have to admit’, ‘you really get a sense that’, ‘An internationally focussed university should have internationally recognised teaching stuff, right?’ Yeah, like, duh, I was just tweeting about that.

  4. Dan Says:

    Did you see this?


    In an email to Arts faculty staff, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Mark Considine, said that from the beginning the driving force behind the restructure has been “a desire to achieve the best possible academic synergy for both students and staff in these two Schools and in the Faculty as a whole”.

    “However, while the changes made to programs, to staffing and to revenue strategies have certainly produced a major turnaround in the Faculty’s overall position, it is inevitable that budget considerations should be on the minds of those making these decisions, including at School level.”

  5. The academy in context « Churls Gone Wild Says:

    […] Indeed, the university is just one part of that decades-long project to raise the share of social activity subject to for-profit production, by expanding into formerly publicly-owned or not-for-profit territory. Sectors with low capital:output ratios, such as education, have proved especially profitable and alluring targets. Average rates of return on investment, from their low point in the 1980s, have thereby received a rejuvenating, if temporary, shot. But the corresponding effect on the colonised zones – including knowledge and intellectual enquiry – has been stultifying. The STEM fields have ensured a healthy afterlife performing outsourced R&D, but most disciplines of the humanities, social sciences and liberal arts have assumed an undead pallor. […]

  6. Go long on nonsense! Higher learning from the office tower « Churls Gone Wild Says:

    […] Extracting revenue from maintenance of the great mass of the population at subsistence levels of learning. […]

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