Take tablet to improve memory


My recall of written information is much greater when I can place it into some kind of visual context: know where it was on the page, basically. Consequently I’m able to retrieve stuff I read in a book much better than stuff I read on a computer monitor (where viewing a full page in 16:9 makes the font unreadably small). 

Has anyone else found this? Or am I the only person in the world for whom an iPad would actually be useful?


3 Responses to “Take tablet to improve memory”

  1. ChrisB Says:

    Well, yes, but I (and you?) go further, remembering “it’s in the middle of the right-hand page [so far so good] about a third of the way through the book [just possibly] in a book with a whitish or possibly yellow cover on the third row of the bookshelf in the spare room [sorry, no]”

  2. ChrisB Says:

    Now you’ve given me the same cheerful swastika symbol as Catellexy. All you libertarians are obviously in a conspiracy, with enemies lists.

  3. Nick Says:

    Yeah, that describes me, too.

    Careful: if you keep smarting off at the Catallaxy folks, they’ll bung you in Bryan Caplan’s cheesy Museum of Communism.

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