Neither new, nor labour, nor a party


Anyone tempted to excuse Gordon Brown’s childish hissy fit and support the “lesser evil” should read Tony Woods’s verdict on 13 years of New Labour:

The specifics of New Labour’s record—one murderous war after another; slavish devotion to finance; promotion of rampant inequality; repeated assaults on civil liberties; fragmentation and privatization of public services; outrageous corruption—make plain that they have fully merited being turfed out of office. Good riddance; this execrable government deserves to go.



2 Responses to “Neither new, nor labour, nor a party”

  1. Daniel Golding Says:

    Just on the hissy fit: you can’t tell me that every other politician under the sun doesn’t do this sort of thing all the time, though? Brown’s major crime was to get caught.

  2. Nick Says:

    Slag off constituents? Sure. Except Brown’s remark was prompted by something unusual: an especially frustrating/embarrassing conversation with an erstwhile party supporter, in which he could find no words to appease her or defend his government. Running out of bullshit is a unique situation for a politician to be in, I think.

    PM: “That was a disaster.”

    Aide: “Why, what did she say?”

    PM: “Well just…They should never have put me with that woman.”

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