Link dump

  • “The [occupied territories] were to be insulated from Israel and converted into a series of enclaves, not so much like the South-African Bantustans (which were a reserve of labour for the settlers), more like the Indian Reservations, where the indigenous people could rot out of sight.” Interview with Moshé Machover.
  • “Age-related IQ decline is reduced markedly after adjustment for the Flynn effect”. From the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology.
  • “So I’m planning this trip to Costa Rica, looking at possible activities I can do when I’m there, and I come upon parasailing. Now I’ve never given parasailing a second thought, but the moment I click on this webpage and see the pictures of people soaring above the beach, I know it is something I really really want to do. Even better, the parasailing company’s website says something about ‘all shapes and sizes’ of people being able to participate in parasailing. Heck yes, I’m psyched! That is, until I read their FAQ a little closer and see that, to them, ‘all sizes’ means up to 250 pounds.” From Big Fat Blog.
  • Simulated 3D tour of the Dimona nuclear complex, based on Mordechai Vanunu’s descriptions:

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