What the unproductive parasites are up to now


So, the Grollo Empire Grocon has discovered a new way of making its insatiable desire to crowd Melbourne’s skyline with designer erections more palatable to so-called ‘left-wing greenie’ Melburnians.

Carving the portrait of one of Victoria’s most famous Aboriginal elders, William Barak, into the facade of a building at the top of Swanston Street is certainly grandiose. The building’s architectural aesthetic (gleaned from the computer image provided by the architects) appropriately confronts the conspicuous denial of Wurundjeri space and place in Melbourne (discounting tokenistic displays of “respect” during formal and informal civic ceremonies – “We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Wurundjeri…”).

However, I can’t help but scoff at Daniel Grollo’s view that building a 32 story skyscraper on the former site of the Carlton and United Brewery is making “an important social statement.” The actual content of this important social statement is anyone’s guess.


2 Responses to “What the unproductive parasites are up to now”

  1. Nick Says:

    ‘Melbourne University architecture professor Philip Goad backed the proposal. ”It is in a way quite haunting, that fact that the surface of the building is white rather than black,” he said.

    ”’It could be Melbourne’s equivalent of Mount Rushmore.”’

    What’s left to say really?

    Perhaps only that the comparison was especially ill-advised.

  2. Conrad Says:

    What’s wrong with designer erections?! 😛

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