Some plots of recent changes in birth rates


Below I’ve presented some time-series plots of recent changes in fertility rates in Australia. The age-specific rate for a single year gives the number of live births per 1000 females in the specified age bracket. The total fertility rate provides an estimate of lifetime births per woman, based on the sum of age-specific birth rates. I’ve thrown in recent changes in the crude marriage rate for good measure.

Since exponential growth in real capital values depends on a corresponding expansion of either the workforce or labour productivity (with the latter historically dependent on access to high-EROI fuels), these plots tell us something about the likely fate of industrial capitalism.


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    […] ‘the future prosperity of Australia’ is ‘underpinned by population growth’, and that given domestic fertility rates this means inducing high levels of inward migration. Peter Scanlon is a former Elders and […]

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