The mirror of virtue


Clement Leibovitz’s The Chamberlain-Hitler Deal is available as a free PDF from the late author’s website. This book, now out of print, lays out documentary evidence that the British foreign-policy elite of the late 1930s (Chamberlain, Halifax, Henderson) were not merely fumbling, outfoxed appeasers. Rather, they deliberately aimed to satisfy Hitler’s expansionist ambitions and territorial claims, at the expense of the existing order in Central and Eastern Europe. This stance – salonfähig and with a strong social base – had the twin aims of guaranteeing Britain’s colonial possessions and destroying the Soviet Union.


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  1. Swimming in it | Churls Gone Wild Says:

    […] like Ernest Mandel’s The Meaning of the Second World War or Clement Leibovitz’s In Our Time: The Chamberlain-Hitler Deal, do little […]

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