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January 21, 2010

Wow, who knew David Deutsch was such a funny, engaging speaker?

Then there’s this:

It is a fact that tidying up is boring. There are so many interesting things to do in life that doing boring things is hardly ever top of my list of priorities. The question here is not whether tidiness is boring, but whether it is necessary, or useful. I think that there are no good practical reasons to be anywhere near as tidy as is conventional in our society. Tidiness is a thing which is foisted upon children, and it results in all sorts of unpleasant things for them like boredom and having their privacy invaded, and so they get nervous and uptight about their personal space, and sometimes this translates itself into hang-ups about tidiness which they then pass on to their children.

And his blog is/was frequently hilarious. Why hasn’t he been given a TV show? Probably because of stuff like this. And everything he says in the above video from about 15:30 onwards. Audience stops laughing.